French linguistic and cultural fluency, for life.
Several years ago, I attended 5 different French classes with different instructors to find which one I thought was the best. After 30 minutes in Elisabeth’s class, I realized my search was over. Now in my fourth year of French studies, Elisabeth continues to expand the command of the language for myself and my classmates. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning the language with precision, while having an enjoyable time.

- Roland Jadryev

I’ve been a student of Elisabeth’s in group as well as private classes, and it has been a pleasure and an excellent challenge. Elisabeth is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, never boring, and brings a great deal of energy to her lessons.  Success in learning a foreign language depends 90% on the instructor, and the level of instruction at Savoir Plus is very high. If you hold up your end of the bargain with regular study, you WILL learn French.
- A. Scott

I've studied French on and off most of my life, and I've never found anyone so proficient and knowledgeable in the French language as the principal teacher of Savoir Plus. She's a walking French encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus and grammar bible in human form! What makes it complete is her unstoppable energy, fueled by her love of teaching and sharing the culture and language of France.  

- Rick P.

I have been taking advanced French conversation classes with Elisabeth for the past 4 years and am very happy to have her as an instructor and friend. I recommend Savoir Plus wholeheartedly as a place to meet great people and enhance your  knowledge of the French culture in general and the language in particular. I have greatly enjoyed the conversations across various topics and without doubt, Elisabeth is the reason for my continuation of the classes. She is a great instructor, well qualified and has interesting takes on popular culture and current events. The fact that she's a real Parisian doesn't hurt either. The participants in the classes bring to the table a wide variety of backgrounds and interests -- and that makes this class even more worthwhile.

- Anand Athanur

I recommend very highly the History of France course, taught by Elisabeth Bonamour du Tartre. Having spent two wonderful years immersed in her lively, informative, and fascinating tour through the glorious history of France, I can attest to her skill as a historian and teacher.  It is to her credit that the class itself each week was an event to which  all of us looked forward--not only the bare facts of the history, but really a cultural exploration that enhanced our own knowledge and pricked our curiosity to explore more in our own travels. History, architecture, politics and art--brought alive and in a manner which also enlarged our knowledge and expertise in the French language. I think this course appeals to persons of varying backgrounds and professions, a fact which also made the course a fun and interesting one for us all.

- Sandra Davis

Immediately before my trip to France, I had planned to take one beginner class, only to help me order meals at restaurants. After having so much fun exploring the beautiful French language and culture with Elisabeth, I returned to take a few more classes--and then more--for over a year. After a hard day at work, it is surprising relaxing to be with Elisabeth, who opens the mind with her high quality instruction. With her acute sense of her students' needs, it is a joy to learn with Elisabeth.

- L. Li
I've studied with Elisabeth, my Savoir Plus professor, for several years and can't imagine studying with anyone else. Her dedication and passion makes learning French a true pleasure. Plus, the in-class discussions have taught me a lot about French culture and day-to-day life which have come in very handy on trips overseas. I always look forward to my time in class. It's an oasis of growth and learning far away from the daily grind.

- Kevin Bill

I’ve taken French off and on for a few years at various schools around the Bay Area and often been disappointed. The reason I’m still taking French is because of the passion Elisabeth has ignited in me for French. This is what differentiates her from other teachers; it's not just fluency but the passion with which she teaches and approaches all aspects of the language and culture.  

- Shikha D.

For myself, and all the students I talk to, Elisabeth is a great treasure. She is a masterful professor of French grammar and culture. She absolutely amazes all her students with her encyclopedic knowledge of everything French, and can communicate such intelligence articulately to an international audience of students with varying levels of French skills. One particular class I remember well was one in which a student from a French-speaking African country attended her class. Elisabeth was able to explain in full detail, without preparation, French colonial history and its sociological impact on language – and the French language’s impact on colonized cultures. Everyone was wow’ed. After every class, I find myself energized by her brilliance and wit, her expertise about the minutest grammatical details, and her endless insight on language and culture. And as I walk to the parking garage after class with my fellow students, there has not been a time that has passed without someone mentioning how great Elisabeth is. Indeed, she even outshines many of the prominent professors I had back in my college days at Stanford University.

- Summer L.

J'ai rencontré Elisabeth en 2006. J'ai suivi des cours de conversation avec elle. Elisabeth a toujours beaucoup d'énergie et est passionnée par son métier, par la langue française ainsi que par d'autres langues étrangères, ce qui montre son esprit d'ouverture. Ses classes de conversation sont toujours dynamiques et tous les élèves sont à l'aise pour participer et s'exprimer. Je vous recommande Elisabeth si vous êtes, comme moi, passionnée par la langue et la culture françaises.

- Rosana Sanford

As an instructor of French conversation, Elisabeth engages her students in dynamic dialog triggered by noteworthy articles or by appealing topics of discussion. Elisabeth attracts interesting and motivated students who absolutely contribute to the classroom environment. She is an excellent moderator, an approach which encourages participation and lively debate – in the true French manner! I would like to add that Elisabeth is a cultured instructor with a worldly view obtained through her broad international travels. In addition to her education and extensive teaching experience in French language, Elisabeth’s insight to cultural nuances is a great benefit when learning French.

- Atsuko Watanabe

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