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Notes Regarding 2022 Session 5

All classes held via Zoom video conference. Zoom is free (download at Students must have internet access and a computer with a camera and microphone and the minimum system requirements to install and run the Zoom application.

New classes and additional time slots may be opened; current and prospective students may feel free to contact Savoir Plus with requests regarding class offerings and scheduling.

Minimum enrollment for a group class to remain open is 4 students. However, at students’ request, classes with 3 or 2 students may be continued with a reduced duration.

Textbooks - Some classes require a textbook. Click here for textbook purchasing and ordering information. 

Late enrollment is possible at any time for most conversation classes, French Over Lunch/Déjeuner en français, Histoire, and Arts & Humanités. For other group classes, late enrollment is possible through the 4th week of the session. Prices will be reduced accordingly for new students enrolling late.

Schedule updated August 14, 2022


Posting of Next Session Schedule

The class schedule for each new session is posted one to two
weeks prior to the start of the session. Visit the Contact Page to sign
up for our mailing list and receive new session announcements.

Future session dates are available on the Sessions Page.


Please read Savoir PlusPolicies before enrolling.

Intermediate Level

2022 Session 5
August 21 to October 15  ~  21 août - 15 octobre


Group classes meet once per week unless otherwise noted. Click on class title for description.

Class times are Pacific Standard Time
Beginner Level
Intermediate             Thu    9:00a to 10:30a $275.00
Intermediate             Sat   11:00a to 12:30p $275.00
Intermediate Plus        Mon    2:00p to  3:30p $275.00
French Over Lunch        Wed   12:00n to  1:00p $225.00

Traduction               lundi    19H00 à 20H30 $255.00
Grammaire avancée        vendredi  9H00 à 10H30 $255.00
Conversation avancée     mercredi 17H30 à 19H00 $255.00
Conversation avancée     vendredi 11H00 à 12H30 $255.00
Français des affaires    mardi    18H00 à 19H30 $255.00
Déjeuner en français     jeudi    12H00 à 13H00 $225.00
Phonétique               vendredi 13H00 à 14H30 $255.00

Classes à thème :
Arts & Humanités         mercredi  9H30 à 11H00 $255.00
Histoire de France       lundi    17H30 à 19H00 $255.00
Littérature              mercredi 15H00 à 16H00 $225.00

Beginner                 Mon  12:00n to  1:30p  $275.00
​Beginner                 Thu   6:00p to  7:30p  $275.00
Beginner Plus            Mon  10:00a to 11:30a  $275.00
Beginner Plus            Sat   9:00a to 10:30a  $275.00

Niveau Avancé
3-hour classes = 24 hours of instruction total.
1.5-hour classes = 12 hours of instruction total.
1-hour classes = 8 hours of instruction total.