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TCF, TEF, and TFI Examination Preparatory Classes
Custom-tailored instruction to acquaint students with TCF, TEF, and TFI examination criteria and assist students in achieving a test score to meet their professional, academic, or personal goals. Classes scheduled at the convenience of the student(s). Please inquire for availability.

Rates (online classes)*

General Examination Information

The TCF, TEF, and TFI examinations rank students based on Council of Europe standards as established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR), which includes six reference levels ranging from beginner to expert -- A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Examinations can be taken multiple times and do not have a passing or failing score; rather, they simply rank a student’s level. Certified qualification is required at varying levels for academic admissions, employment (particularly in the domain of business), and other endeavors in Francophonie countries. The new language requirement for French naturalization requires certification at Level B1 (Threshold-Intermediate).

The number of hours required for test preparation will vary by student. A successful examination is dependent on the scholastic effort and dedication of the individual student both inside and outside of the preparatory class.

Examination Options**

The TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) is recognized by universities as fulfilling French language entry requirements and by Québec for immigration procedures. The elite French university Sciences-Po uses TCF level C1 as the primary language prerequisite for evaluating the abilities of non-native speakers to follow academic discussions and carry out academic research in the French language. The TCF test is made up of compulsory and optional sections. Reading, listening and language structure sections are mandatory while the writing and speaking sections are optional.

The TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français) is often required to be admitted into universities and is recognized by the federal government of Canada as a proof of fluency in immigration procedures. The test is made up of five sections, reading, listening, and grammar, which are mandatory and must be taken together, and writing and speaking, which are optional.

The TFI (Test de français international) is geared toward measuring French-language proficiency as applied to an international workplace. The content is oriented toward the business world. The test contains 180 questions divided into two sections: listening and reading.

The TCF, TEF, and TFI examinations are all challenging, but are designed to allow a student to naturally achieve a score that accurately refects their real-world language skills. All three examinations meet the requirements for French naturalization. 

Test preparation class rates apply to classes (10 or more hours) specifically covering examination materials, including practice tests. Prior to test preparation, students should have mastered French at an intermediate scholastic level, which can be accomplished via past study or any combination of group or private classes with Savoir Plus.

** Note that Savoir Plus provides preparatory classes for CEFR level examinations, but we do not administer examinations. CEFR level examinations must be taken at a CEFR-approved testing center, and to meet French naturalization requirements, the testing organization must additionally be certified by the French government. TCF, TEF, and TFI examinations are available worldwide, including in North American and in France. Assistance will be provided with test scheduling. Examination fees are generally not prohibitively expensive, but are determined by the testing center.