French linguistic and cultural fluency, for life.
Savoir Plus ▪ San Francisco, California ▪

For students who have formally studied French in the past (e.g. private lessons, non-recent high school or university studies, etc.) but have not yet achieved fluency. Ongoing refresher of basic grammar and vocabulary skills. Passé composé, imparfait, plus-que-parfait verb tenses and how to successfully manipulate the association of tenses in writing and more complex conversation. Emphasis on mastery of syntax. Final evaluation/exam each session to measure student progress.
Required Text:  Festival Level 2 (Méthode de Français) textbook and exercise book. (Click here for textbook purchasing information.)

Intermediate Plus
For students at pre-advanced level fluency who have covered all essential structures in grammar. Refine usage and comprehension through a challenging mix of conversation with pre-advanced grammar and vocabulary lessons. Emphasis on achieving general fluency. Final evaluation/exam each session to measure student progress.
Required Text:  L'Exercisier: Manuel dexpression francaise, 2nd edition (Click here for textbook purchasing information.)

Intermediate Intensive
Condensed version of Intermediate and Intermediate Plus, combined into one class. Extensive review of all essential grammatical structures. Lessons move at a faster rate. Emphasis on preparing students to move up to advanced level classes. Final evaluation/exam each session to measure student progress.
Required Text:  Une Fois pour toutes, 2e éd. by Hale Sturges II, Linda Cregg Nielsen, & Henry L. Herbst. (Click here for textbook purchasing information.)

Intermediate Grammar Review
Practical language skills review at intermediate level, including exercises in grammar and grammatical explanation (pronoms personnels compléments et pronoms relatifs; indicatif, conditionnel et subjonctif; concordance des temps; discours rapporté, etc.). Final evaluation/exam each session to measure student progress.
Required Text:  450 Nouveaux Exercices, Grammaire Niveau Intermédiaire (Click here for textbook purchasing information.)

Intermediate Vocabulary & Usage
Reinforcement and broadening of vocabulary. Focus on increasingly complex usage in common personal and professional situations. Lessons divided thematically. All vocabulary classes aim to ensure an understanding of the cultural connotation of each usage while progressively developing a large, practical vocabulary drawn from the modern French lexicon.
Required Text:  Vocabulaire progressif du français: Niveau intermédiaire  (Click here for textbook purchasing information.)

Intermediate Conversation
Expand vocabulary and advance fluency through group conversation on topics of interest suggested by students. Develop proper accent and natural verbal skills with increasingly spontaneous practice.

French Over Lunch
Spend the lunch break speaking French. Brief lessons and grammatical review as necessary, but no homework. Strictly convivial. Food and beverages allowed in class. Open to students at both Intermediate Plus and Advanced levels.

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