French linguistic and cultural fluency, for life.
Savoir Plus ▪ San Francisco, California ▪

Custom-tailored instruction at all levels. Class location, time, and duration scheduled at students’ convenience, within instructor’s available hours.
Cours de tous niveaux. Horaires flexibles. Le lieu et la durée de la classe relèvent du choix de l’étudiant en accord avec le professeur.

Contact us for availability or any other
questions regarding private classes.


*All private class prices are based on a minimum purchase of 10 hours of classes. Installment payments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Discounted rates available for bulk purchases (15 hours or more per student).

**In some circumstances, an additional travel surcharge may apply for off-site private classes in San Francisco or in the Bay Area.


Please read Savoir PlusPolicies before enrolling.
Two or more Private Students:

Private lessons and classes are available for couples, pairs, and small or large groups, on-site or off-site, in San Francisco and in the Bay Area. Rate depends on number of students, location, and class content. Inquire for further details.
Private Student Benefits:

In addition to flexible, personalized lessons, private students enjoy the same benefits as group-class students as concerns at-home study and practice. Between classes, students may email writing practice to their Savoir Plus teacher, as often as they wish, and their texts will be corrected and sent back. Students may also use this service for any questions regarding their lessons.
Individual Private Student Rates:

Classes at
Savoir Plus

Classes off-site
in San Francisco**

Classes off-site
in the Bay Area**
Base Rate*
 One Student
$650 per 10 HOURS

$800 per 10 HOURS

$1100 per 10 HOURS
(Sat & Sun)
 add $5 per HOUR

 add $10 per HOUR

 add $15 per HOUR
 Weekday Evenings
(Mon-Fri after 7pm)
 add $5 per HOUR

 add $10 per HOUR

 add $15 per HOUR