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Information for Students

Class Size and Enrollment

To facilitate personalized instruction, group classes are limited to 10 students. Enrollment opens 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of each new session. If classes are full, interested students can request to be placed on a wait list.  

Late enrollment is possible at any time for most conversation classes, lecture classes, and themed classes. For other group classes, late enrollment is possible through the 4th week of the session. Students enrolling late may need to do some catch-up work.

New students may be required to complete an evaluation prior to starting classes. 

Class Offering

A standard offering of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes are scheduled each session. However, new classes and additional time slots may be opened if a sufficient number of students express interest. Current and prospective students may feel free to contact Savoir Plus with requests regarding class offerings and scheduling.

Note Regarding Study

It is strongly recommended that students study outside of class. All students may email writing practice to their Savoir Plus teacher, and their text will be corrected and sent back. Students may also use this service for any questions regarding the lessons of the classes in which they are enrolled.

Class Advancement

All classes are comprised of cumulative lessons which change each session and are non-repetitive, except for the measure of review and refinement inherent to any language program.

The progression of students through classes and levels depends on the achievement and effort of the individual student, in and out of the classroom. Instructors make the ultimate decision as to whether students are ready to advance to the next class or next level. Generally speaking, students will complete 4 sessions of Beginner or 3 sessions of Beginner Plus before Intermediate level and 3 to 4 sessions of Intermediate before Intermediate Plus. The number of Intermediate Plus sessions completed before advanced classes will depend on the student. Advanced classes require years of prior study.

Students enrolled in private and semi-private classes as a supplement to their group classes may advance more quickly.