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Savoir Plus Policies

Class Size 

Enrollment limit for group classes is generally limited to 10 students, with occasional exceptions in less formal conversation classes. Most group classes require a minimum of 4 registered students, and classes without sufficient students enrolled by the 2nd week of the session may be cancelled. At students’ request, classes with 2 or 3 students may be continued with a reduced duration. 

Enrollment and Wait List

After the publication of each new session schedule, students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-choice basis. Once enrollment is full for a group class, up to 3 additional students per class may be wait-listed for spots opening due to enrollment changes or cancellations. With prior approval, students may be wait-listed for multiple classes. Wait-listed students are permitted to sit in on classes during the 1st week of the session so as not to miss lessons. 

New Student Enrollment

New student evaluations may be necessary prior to final enrollment, which may affect group class choices. However, open spots will be held for new students based on their initial class choices, and all reasonable efforts will be made to complete evaluations in a timely manner and to secure a spot for new students in an appropriate class scheduled at a time which is convenient to them.

Class Schedule

Published schedules may change for a variety of reasons. With sufficient interest and enrollment commitments from students, including those on wait lists, new classes may be opened at the beginning of each session. Class start times may be adjusted to accommodate enrolled students. However, schedule changes will generally not be made after the 2nd week of classes. 

All classes over 1 hour include a break within the scheduled class time, 5 to 10 minutes for classes of 1.5 hours and 10 to 15 minutes for classes of 3 hours.  

Late Enrollment

Late enrollment is possible at any time for most conversation classes and themed classes. For other group classes, late enrollment is possible through the 4th week of the 8-week session. Prices will be reduced accordingly for new students enrolling late.

Missed Classes

Students who miss or plan to miss a group class may, with prior instructor approval, attend an equivalent class during the same session.

Class Advancement

The progression of students through classes and levels is not on a fixed schedule and depends on the achievement and effort of the individual student, both in and out of the classroom. Savoir Plus instructors will evaluate the level of proficiency of students upon initial enrollment and determine their rate of advancement through classes and levels.

Bilingual Information

Some course descriptions and other information on the Savoir Plus website and in other Savoir Plus literature are presented in both English and French. Advanced courses are described only in French. (Students enrolling in advanced classes must meet the prerequisites of competent French oral skills and grammatical knowledge.) Where information is presented in both English and French, the English version is to be considered the definitive version.

Discounted Pricing and Promotions

Discounted or other promotional rates and considerations for group, private, or other classes may change without notice. Some discounts and promotions referenced in Savoir Plus policies comprise historical pricing not currently available; inclusion herein of any pricing information does not infer a currently available price, discount, or promotion. Discounts and promotions cannot be combined. Discounts and promotions are not redeemable in any amount for cash, goods, or for any service not specified. Refunds on any initially discounted services are computed based on current full price of the same service. All additional Savoir Plus policies apply equally, including general refund policy (see below).

Class Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Refunds

If Savoir Plus must cancel any group class due to insufficient enrollment, all enrolled students will be eligible to transfer to an equivalent class with enrollment vacancies in the same session. 

If Savoir Plus must cancel a class period due to a business or personal emergency, or due to technical or physical barriers prevent the class from being held, students scheduled for that class period will be eligible for makeup classes, class hours, or other consideration agreed upon between individual students and Savoir Plus.

Because group classes require a minimum enrollment, students withdrawing from group classes are limited to the following considerations: 

In order to ensure that private class instructors may use cancelled class time in a productive manner, the following apply to cancellations for private and semi-private classes:

Refund requests must be made in writing. Refund requests for unused private or semi-private classes must be made within 6 months of purchase date; refunds will be applied at the full hourly rate for private classes and a proportional rate for semi-private. Refunds which are permissible within policy and which are for classes or class time at discounted rates will be prorated at full price (all past class time charged at full price). Group classes missed by students will not be refunded after the fact. Instruction fees for corporations or other organizations for classes provided or scheduled during an agreed-upon term of service are not refundable.

Student Waivers and Agreements

All new students are required to sign a Consent & Liability Waiver prior to beginning classes. New private students are required to sign an additional Student Agreement regarding policies unique to private students.


All tuition and fees must be paid prior to the first day of any private class and prior to the first day of the session for any group classes. Tuition for group class students joining after the first week's class(es) of any session must be paid prior to the first day of their group class. Students who do not pay on time may have their enrollment preempted by wait-listed students, regardless of time of enrollment. However, payment cannot be accepted from wait-listed students until a spot is open for them.

Savoir Plus uses an online payment system which accepts debit/credit cards and bank transfer. Payments by check or cash must be arranged and approved in advance. There will be a $50 fee charged for all returned checks.

Private or semi-private class time which remains unused 1 year after date of purchase may be subject to an additional hourly fee reflecting rate increases since time of purchase.

Remote Classes

Students in remote classes held via video conference, telephone, or any other means of communication other than in person, including all online platforms, are subject to any or all policies applicable to students in in-person classes. Additionally, students taking remote classes are responsible for maintaining the necessary means of communication, including telephone, computer hardware, software, online platform accounts, audio and video equipment, or any other necessities to participate in these classes. Savoir Plus will make reasonable efforts to address any technical difficulties with remote classes, but the cause of any technical communication difficulties in attending or participating in remote classes that do not affect all remote students will be considered the responsibility of students experiencing the technical difficulties. Savoir Plus does not provide any training or direct support for remote class platforms. In the event of technical difficulties encountered by Savoir Plus (such as Internet connectivity problems) that prevent a class from being held as scheduled or continuing, the above Class Cancellations policy will apply, including the provision for makeup classes.


Students and other participants in Savoir Plus instruction or activities are expected as a condition of their participation to conduct themselves as reasonable adults in a polite, fair, non-discriminatory, and otherwise civil manner and to respect fellow students and Savoir Plus staff and property.