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La Sorbonne

Imparting linguistic and cultural fluency since 2008.

About Savoir Plus

Our Story & Our Values

Founded in San Francisco, California in 2008, and offering online classes since 2018, Savoir Plus is a unique language school guided by the core objective of imparting a true mastery of the French language.

We balance practical language skills for life and work with applied grammar and phonetics. We cultivate discovery and understanding of the nuance behind the words. Our students enhance their learning of language with learning of culture, history, and arts. 

Savoir Plus maintains high professional standards. Our teachers are native French speakers with university diplomas in their field of instruction and a minimum of ten years of teaching experience. All Savoir Plus teachers must commit to the long-term development of their students in both group and private instruction.


In collaboration with teachers based in the North America, France, and beyond, Savoir Plus offers an expansive learning experience to students from the United States, the European Union, Canada, China, and many other countries.

In our classes, your teachers open the French-speaking world to you.

San Francisco Market Street
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Our founder

Elisabeth Bonamour du Tartre is the founder of Savoir Plus. Born in Paris, she grew up living and traveling throughout the world and developed a lifelong passion for teaching and sharing French language, culture, and history.

She has taught at universities and public schools in Côte d’Ivoire, New Caledonia, Chicago, New York, Brazil, and China, and as a private instructor throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She continues to personally teaches many Savoir Plus classes and private students.

Elisabeth earned her DEUG Lettres et langues (BA in Literature and Languages) and Licence LEA (Applied Languages Degree) from l’Université Paris-X in Nanterre, France and her Maîtrise de langue (Masters in Languages) and DELC (Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of Languages and Cultures) from la Sorbonne Paris-IV.

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